Process operator
Discussed personally
Working place:
Shandong-Dongying City-Dongying District
Affiliate department:
Chemical related major
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
Junior high school
No limit
Release time:
Post description:

Main responsibilities of the post: responsible for the safe and smooth operation of the workshop process

Welfare: Five insurance, welfare room, commuter shuttle, free school bus, health checkup, etc.

Applicable materials:

1. Personal resume (including 1 inch, 2 inch photo) 1 copy

2. One copy of ID card and resident registration card

3. 1 copy of academic qualifications and degree

Contact information:

Recruitment hotline: +86-546-8871888 +86-15066029226

+86-546-8879877 +86-18754653622

Contact: Manager Ma, Manager Xiao

Recruitment email:

Bus route: Dongying City Bus Terminal takes the bus from Dongying to Dongying Port, and Yatong Petrochemical can get off.