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Working place:
Shandong-Dongying City-Dongying District
Affiliate department:
Human Resources
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
No limit
No limit
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job requirements:

Responsible for the management of various workshop processes, equipment safety and smooth operation, process optimization, etc.

Capability requirements: (1) majors in chemical engineering, oil and gas storage, transportation, over-control, safety engineering, etc.; (2) full-time undergraduate degree or above; (3) more than 5 years experience in production and operation of petrochemical enterprises.

Regularly complete the quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of the superior, and can independently handle and solve the tasks that are responsible;

· Welfare: Five insurance, welfare room, commuter shuttle, free school bus, health checkup, etc.

·Applicable materials: 1. CV (including 1 inch, 2 inch photo) 1 copy 2. ID card, copy of permanent resident registration card 1 each, 3 copies of academic qualifications and degree

·Contact: Recruitment Hotline: +86-546-8871888 +86-15066029226 +86-546-8879877 +86-18754653622

Contact: Manager Ma, Manager Xiao recruits email:

Bus route: Dongying City Bus Terminal takes the bus from Dongying to Dongying Port, and Yatong Petrochemical can get off.

skill requirements:

(1) Human resources, administrative management, journalism, engineering cost, civil engineering, financial management, international trade and other related majors; (2) full-time college degree or above. (3) Fresh graduates or more than 1 year experience in chemical analysis of petrochemical enterprises