Yatong people creates a legend of enterprise at a barren land --- Now the enterprise with a value of more than 10 billion has risen straight from the ground and been put into production, this is the pride of “Yatong people”. The company will never forget the concern, help and support of people from all circles for the company’s development!

Time is changing, the development environment of the company is changing, but "people-oriented" management philosophy of the company will not change; the company concept of "making outstanding contribution to Chinese energy guarantee" will not change; " Defend commitment with life, achieve individual value, become a rich and respected person will not change"; code of conduct of “responsible for customers, friends, investors and society” will not change.

Yatong Petrochemical is the first large corporate enterprise settling at Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. Under current new situation of implementing national yellow and blue strategy, we will take the opportunities, ride on the momentum and use outside help to develop to strive to build the company into a leader of refining industry within three years.

Warmly welcome the majority of people of insight to provide their wisdom to guarantee China energy and write a chapter of advance!

Yatong Petrochemical