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High Temperature send cool love sweet heart

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The pink, hot. In this hot summer heat fumigation, in order to allow employees to have a cool environment, health and safety of summer, the company issued to the shop floor production line staff sunst

The pink, hot. In this hot summer heat fumigation, in order to allow employees to have a cool environment, health and safety of summer, the company issued to the shop floor production line staff sunstroke Care - Huoxiangzhengqi water, ice cream and stewed bean soup to the workshop, taken from some subtle and effective measures to do a good job to stay cool in summer staff, so that the majority of employees spend a safe, healthy, cool summer.

A branch ice cream, green bean soup bowls frontline employees to work hard in the summer to bring the slightest cool, so that we feel the genuineness of the company's care and warmth, greatly improve the working environment, protect employees physical health, enhance everyone's enthusiasm for work, let down to earth to do their work in their respective jobs to make contributions, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

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