State-V 92# motor spirit

State-V 92# motor spirit

Affiliate classification

Water-soluble acid or alkali: No


Antidetonating quality - research octane number:-:

Sulfur content (PPM): Not more than 0.015

Methanol content (mass fraction)/(%): Not more than 0.3

Evaporation temperature of distillation range - 10 % / (℃):

Distillation range - residues (volume fraction)/(%): Not greater than 2

Solvent washing colloid (mg /100 ml) - unwashed colloid content:

Mechanical impurities and moisture: visual inspection: No

Density (20 ℃)/(kg / m3) : -

Aromatic content (volume fraction)/(%): Not more than 40


Solvent washing colloid (mg / 100 ml) - colloid content after solvent cleaning::

Antidetonating quality - antiknock index (RON + MON) / 2:

Vapor pressure (kPa):

HK - initial boiling point/(℃)


Copper corrosion (50 ℃, 3h) (level): Not greater than 1

Evaporation temperature of distillation range - 90%:

Oxygen content (mass fraction)/(%): Not more than 2.7

Lead / g / L :

Benzene content (volume fraction)/(%): Not more than 1.0

Evaporation temperature of distillation range - 50%/(℃):

Induction period (min): Not less than 480

Chlorine content (mass fraction)/(%) :

Manganese content /g/L: Mot more than 0.016

Olefin content (volume fraction)/(%): Not more than 30

Distillation range - final boiling point /(℃): Not higher than 205

Iron /g/L : Not more than 0.01

Evaporation index (DI) value:

Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 


Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive petrochemical enterprise

integrating warehousing, logistics, deep processing, import & export, international trade. the

company now has more than 1,000 professional technical and management personnel, with

an area of over 1,500mu and with total assets of 10 billion yuan. It settles at the junction of

national yellow and blue strategy --- Yellow River delta area, 8km away from the wharf, 5km

away from the entry to Donggang Expressway, enjoying convenient and fast transportation

and very superior geographical location. It mainly produces and manages gasoline, diesel,

liquefied petroleum gas, MTBE, propylene, sulfur, petroleum coke, fuel oil and other



Enterprise strength

With a mission to provide customers with high-quality petrochemical products and good service, the company has been praised by all sectors of

society for many times. In 2015, it obtained the qualification for using imported crude oil approved by the State Council, the qualification for non-state

import trade of crude oil and right to export finished oil. The company has successively “Good-faith Private Enterprises in Shandong Province”,

“Dongying Safety Standard-reaching Enterprises”, “Dongying Young Safety Demonstration Post 2015”, “Large Taxpayers at Development Zone

2013”, “Enterprises Contributing Most at Development Zone 2013”, “Shandong Province CCB AAA-level Credit Enterprise” and other honors. In

order to strengthen the adaptability to inferior heavy oil feedstock, optimize project construction, promote the "low-quality oil products upgrading"

and achieve win-win economic and social benefits, the project “2 million/year VGO hydro-cracking unit and 1.2 million/year continuous reforming

unit” are now under construction. When they are completed, oil head and chemical tail will be achieved. At that time, annual output will reach 50

billion yuan, with profits and taxes of 3.5 billion yuan. Corporate management system and running mechanism continue to be optimized and

innovated and much attention has been paid to quality and efficiency, so as to make great contribution to local prosperity and development.

State-V 92# motor spirit

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