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Talent concept

Talent concept


Yatong Group adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented", "moral oriented, both moral and talent; Eclectic, the ability to live on the "selection concept, training and creating a clean air, entrepreneurship and innovation, the courage to work hard, the pursuit of excellence of the talent team. "Take virtue as the foundation, have both virtue and ability; Eclectic, the ability to live on "is the fundamental purpose of Yatong selection and employment. Yatong respects every employee, attaches importance to every employee, believes that employees are the foundation of all wealth, so that people who want to do things have opportunities, people who can do things have a stage, and people who do things have harvest. Yatong cares for every employee, regardless of work, growth or life, and constantly enhances the sense of belonging and happiness of employees, so that employees can fully appreciate the pride of being an Yatong person, create excellent Yatong, and achieve personal dreams.

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