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Staff culture park

Staff culture park


Condensing the heart, "thriving" - on April 25, the steamed bun activity was successfully completed


In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees and enhance the sense of happiness and belonging of employees, on the morning of April 25, our company organized the "steamed bun" activity.

After the activity began, all the female employees actively participated, one after another took off the overalls, put on the "battle robe" apron, some wiped the table, some made noodles, and some cut vegetables and mixed fillings..... We have a clear division of labor, quickly build the "assembly line", and the steamed bun activity officially kicked off.

In the activity, everyone laughed and laughed, while feeling the warm and pleasant atmosphere, condensing and cooperating with each other, completing the production of more than 240 steamed buns in just 2 hours. Some employees also showed their unique skills on the spot, making rolls and sugar packets.

The final product came out and the event was successfully completed.

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