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Good news! Yatong Fire won the first place in the professional Skills Competition of firefighters in Port Area!

Competition exhibition style strong battle sharpening soldiers In order to further consolidate the business capacity of fire brigade in fire fighting and rescue, effectively prevent and respond to all kinds of fire fighting and rescue. On the afternoon of July 26, the Dongying Port Fire and Rescue Brigade held the sixth fireman vocational skills competition. Eight full-time fire teams and nearly 70 firefighters from various enterprises in Dongying Port competed on the same stage and displayed their style.

Yatong Petrochemical to carry out 2023 flood control emergency drill

On July 18, Yatong Petrochemical carried out 2023 flood control emergency drill. The drill was conducted by Song Laigang, deputy general manager of production, and Gao Yuqun, safety officer of sulfur workshop. The drill consists of five groups: engineering rescue group, emergency response group, emergency rescue group, medical rescue group, fire extinguishing group, and a total of more than 60 people participated in the emergency drill.

Warmly welcome Han Jinghua, Deputy Director of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, to visit the company and guide the work

On July 10, 2023, Zhang Yuhong, deputy director of the Provincial Transport Department, Fu Aimin, deputy director of the Transport Management Department, and Han Jinghua, deputy director of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport and other leaders visited Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for investigation. Company president Yang Leiyang General manager, production general manager Sun Kuisun General manager, group administrative management center director Guo Zhen Guo and other senior leaders reception accompanied.

The reforming unit was successfully started at one time

The continuous reforming device is a key device for the company to reduce oil and increase quality and efficiency. From July 2018 to this overhaul, it has been running safely and smoothly for 5 years, setting a new record for the continuous long period of construction of the continuous reforming device. In the past five years, the continuous reforming unit has experienced more than 10 times of compressor shutdown, online replacement of regenerative water cooler leakage, non-replacement isolation of extraction air cooler and other unconventional operations; The production adjustment of monobenzene production scheme, aromatics decolorization scheme and triphenyl production scheme was completed. In the past five years, no matter what difficulties and frustrations encountered, all the staff of the reorganization workshop maintain a positive attitude, tackle difficulties, strive for excellence, and ensure the safe and smooth operation of the device. On May 27, 2023, the continuous reforming unit completed the first cycle production task and ushered in the first major overhaul. Stop work and confirm every key point step by step.
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