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The group owns a logistics company with complete qualifications for the transportation of various hazardous chemicals, undertakes internal and external hazardous chemicals transportation business, and forms a complete crude oil and refined oil transportation industry chain. In August 2015, the company obtained the crude oil import qualification granted by the National Development and Reform Commission, and obtained the crude oil non-state trade import qualification granted by the Ministry of Commerce in October of the same year. The company is connected to the wharf and tank farm of CNOOC Dongying Port Co., LTD., realizing pipeline transportation and sea transportation of crude oil and refined oil products, and the export capacity of refined oil products reaches 8 million tons/year. At the same time, located in the Yellow River Delta ecological protection area, the company strictly implements the new national requirements for the quality and environmental protection of petrochemical products. The company completely eliminated the waste lye through the comprehensive utilization of waste slag reduction; Second, the use of ultra-low sulfur and low nitrogen clean fuels to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in flue gas from the source; The sulfur recovery unit adopts two-stage Klaus sulfur production process and reduction-absorption tail gas treatment process, and the total sulfur recovery rate can reach 99.8%. Using floating top tank, internal floating top tank, liquid products are shipped in closed loading mode, reducing hydrocarbon loss by more than 90%.
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Headquartered in Beijing, China, Yatong Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. is a large integrated petrochemical enterprise that is committed to becoming an outstanding integrated energy provider. Up to now, the petrochemical industry of Yatong Petrochemical Group has achieved: annual crude oil processing capacity of 6 million tons in 2022, the establishment of branches in many countries and regions, the establishment of international oil and gas trade to storage and transportation, oil refining and chemical industry chain, is carrying out international oil and gas assets merger and acquisition, and strive to become a popular, new international partner. Established in 2006, Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Yatong Petrochemical) has a crude oil processing capacity of 3.5 million tons/year, a comprehensive processing capacity of 18 million tons/year, and employs more than 1,400 people. It is a major taxpayer in Dongying City for many years. In 2015, the company obtained the qualification for the use of imported crude oil and the qualification for the import of crude oil non-state trade in the national private refining enterprises. In January 2020, the company obtained 300,000 square meters of public bonded tank farm in Shandong Province, and in March 2020, the company obtained the "Technical Standard Requirements Project Approval Letter" (CTSOA) and "Civil Aviation Oil Testing Unit Approval Letter" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, making the company become a private refining and chemical enterprise with dual qualifications for aviation oil production and testing in Shandong Province. The company adopts international advanced selective gasoline hydrogenation technology and develops domestic gasoline extraction desulfurization technology, and the product quality has reached the higher domestic standards. The technology won the first prize of technical invention of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation! The company set up a petrochemical design institute in Beijing, and independently developed the circulating water electric field descaling utility model patent technology, which realizes zero sewage discharge of circulating water and can save 100,000 tons of water per year; The company has developed FCC slurry desolidifying technology with independent patent protection technology, and independently developed dozens of sets of core patent technologies, including high-quality needle coke design process, which has completed industrial tests, and self-built needle coke equipment has been put into operation, and is currently being promoted and applied. These achievements all mark that the company is in the forefront of the industry in terms of enterprise management, technical ability and product quality. Yatong Petrochemical has achieved chemical transformation, the yield of chemical products is the leading level in the industry, and zero output of gasoline products, and has been reviewed and recognized by relevant provincial and municipal departments and experts and obtained relevant certificates. Yatong Petrochemical further promotes the integration of refining and chemical enterprises, adheres to the complementary resources and the integration of industrial chains, creates a new model of high-end chemical extension and industrial chain development, realizes safe, green, low-carbon and sustainable high-quality development, and makes excellent contributions to the sustainable development of the energy industry! Shandong Xinxian Huaxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, located in Liaocheng Xinxian Chemical Industry Park, in September 2010 by Shandong Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. wholly-owned acquisition. Huaxiang Petrochemical covers an area of more than 800 mu, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the annual operating income of more than 3 billion yuan, the annual tax payment of hundreds of millions of yuan. The company now has 10 branches, more than 500 employees, has formed an excellent technical team and management team. Zhenhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yatong Group, the company covers an area of 1478 acres. The company has invested 12.36 billion yuan in new propane dehydrogenation and propylene oxide projects. The project has five advantages: First, the scale is large in China. The project mainly constructs propane dehydrogenation unit, propylene oxide and styrene combined unit, maleic anhydride unit and supporting public equipment system, all of which are large-scale single sets of devices of the same process. Second, the project technology is advanced. In similar processes, the product conversion rate of propane dehydrogenation is the highest in the world, and the energy consumption is the lowest in the same industry. Propylene oxide selected domestic advanced co-oxidation process to co-produce styrene and propylene oxide, b
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