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Shandong Xinxian Huaxiang petrochemical Co., LTD

Shandong Xinxian Huaxiang petrochemical Co., LTD


Enterprise general situation

Shandong Xinxian Huaxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, located in Liaocheng Xinxian Chemical Industry Park, in September 2010 by Shandong Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. wholly-owned acquisition. Huaxiang Petrochemical covers an area of more than 800 mu, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the annual operating income of more than 3 billion yuan, the annual tax payment of hundreds of millions of yuan. The company now has 10 branches, more than 500 employees, has formed an excellent technical team and management team.

A position or outstanding contribution in an industry

Huaxiang Petrochemical Co., LTD is one of the 82 local petrochemical enterprises approved by The State Council in 1999. It is a petrochemical enterprise mainly engaged in petroleum processing. Since its establishment, Huaxiang Petrochemical has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, constantly innovated to adapt to the trend of social development, actively absorbed social labor force, paid attention to personnel training, actively participated in social public welfare undertakings, and promoted the continuous development of regional economy. In 2021, our company paid a total of 109.74 million yuan in taxes, playing a positive leading role for enterprises to pay taxes according to law. Our company adhere to the implementation of the scientific concept of development, actively adjust the industrial structure, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise, not only to achieve the stable development of enterprises, but also to build a good social and economic environment, the construction of a harmonious society has made outstanding contributions.

Huaxiang Petrochemical has always adhered to the business philosophy of people-oriented and law-based, and its management has steadily improved. It has successively won the honorary titles of "Municipal safety standard Enterprise", "Shandong Integrity Management Private Enterprise", "Municipal Safety Production Month Activity Pacesetter Enterprise", "Municipal Science and technology Innovation Enterprise", "Municipal Safety and Environmental Protection Advanced Enterprise", "Municipal law paying Advanced Enterprise", "Municipal Safety Standardization Advanced Enterprise", "Municipal Ten billion Project" and so on.

Project construction situation

After the reorganization of Huaxiang, the group company invested nearly 1.5 billion yuan to upgrade the product quality of 2 million tons/year. The current hydrogen energy processing capacity is 20,000 square meters/hour, and the purity can reach 99.99%. Besides meeting the consumption of the enterprise itself, it can also meet the hydrogen energy consumption of many enterprises in the park such as Yinuo Chemical and Risen Resin, greatly improving the industrial agglomeration advantage of the park. It will play a strong role in promoting the coupled development of the park, attracting investment and the healthy development of the industrial chain of the park. From 2013 to 2016, in order to survive in the new form, according to the requirements of the full implementation of the National Five standards for oil products, the company concentrated all its efforts to eliminate outdated process equipment, and in 2015, the original atmospheric pressure device and decompression device were removed; Selected advanced technology and technology, the construction of 2 million tons/year product quality upgrade project (Phase I).

The project mainly includes: 1 set of 400,000 tons/year delayed coking unit, 1 set of 600,000 tons/year diesel hydrofining unit, 1 set of 20000Nm³/h hydrogen production unit, 1 set of 5000 tons/year sulfur recovery unit, 45,000 m³ raw oil tank area, liquefied petroleum gas tank area, intermediate tank area, diesel hydrofining raw material tank area, diesel hydrofining refined product tank area, and sales Selling tank farm, loading and unloading platform, circulating water farm, fresh water fire water pressurization station, sewage treatment plant and supporting facilities. Main products: diesel oil, naphtha, fuel oil, petroleum coke, needle coke, hydrogen, liquefied gas, sulfur, etc.

Next development focus

In order to develop green high-end industries, improve the economic structure and energy structure of Shen County, and accelerate the economic development of Shen County and southwest Shandong Province, the Group has invested nearly 600 million yuan to build a comprehensive utilization project of new materials of oil-based needle coke, supplementing the raw material market of high-end carbon products such as ultra-high power graphite electrodes, special carbon materials, lithium-ion battery anode materials, and nuclear graphite. It has filled the market gap of electric furnace steelmaking, military industry, aviation, aerospace, new energy and other industries. At present, the first phase of the needle Coke project has been put into operation, and the second phase of the project is also under close construction. It is expected that the sales revenue after putting into operation will reach 1.62 billion yuan/year, and the tax revenue will be 100 million yuan/year. Under the guidance of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" grand blueprint, in order to vigorously develop low-carbon circular economy and improve the green industry chain, Huaxiang Petrochemical plans to invest 13 billion yuan in the construction of green energy storage new materials project, invest 2 billion yuan in the construction of 50,000 tons/year carbon dioxide capture project and 400,000 tons of storage and transportation tank area, loading and unloading truck facilities and recycling water farm project. Green electrical energy storage before the new material has been project docking calibration research activities building project, comprehensive green electrical energy storage project is completed, is expected to average annual sales income is 38 billion yuan, profit tax of up to 8 billion yuan.

The development of the enterprise is endless, under the premise of ensuring safety, environmental protection and green development, Huaxiang Petrochemical will always shoulder the social responsibility, economic responsibility and political responsibility of the enterprise, and make due contributions to the development of Liaocheng City.


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